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The new version of the PowerToys includes a color picker to capture the hue from any point on the screen

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Kamal Saini
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Microsoft today released a new version ( 0.20 ) of its popular PowerToys utility pack. In it, in addition to a long list of bug fixes for Run and FancyZones, and various performance enhancements, a new tool arrives in the pack: Color Picker.

Its name literally means ‘Color Picker‘ and that is exactly what it is: a tool that allows users to know the color of any point on the screen, in order to be able to use it on a web page or within a design application graphic.

To do this, Color Picker allows us to zoom several times in the area of ​​the chosen screen, to allow precision when selecting the desired point; In addition, the color information is offered both in RGB and HEX (the latter, the one used in CSS style sheets).

To activate the tool, just press Windows + Shift + C, and then a small sign will appear with the color of the pixel and its corresponding HEX and RGB codes. To activate the zoom, simply move the mouse wheel.

Then, we can end the use of the tool in two ways: pressing Escape or clicking the left button (the latter will copy the color code directly to the Windows Clipboard ).

The Color Picker was originally an independent tool, developed by Martin Chrzan, and whose code we can consult in its GitHub repository (from where we can also download the Color Picker itself if we do not want to also install the rest of the Power Toys).

PowerToys do not stop adding new functionalities

Other news included in Power Toys 0.20 are:

  • The detection of newly installed software on the Run application launcher.
  • The preview SVG files in File Explorer.
  • The ability to assign differentiated shortcuts by application in Keyboard Manager.
  • The option to adjust any number of zones in FancyZones if we hold down Shift + Ctrl while dragging a window.
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