Spotify finally integrates with Siri on Apple Watch

Spotify finally integrates with Siri on Apple Watch

Today Spotify has taken the last step that was pending so that its integration with Siri was complete: the last update of its application for iOS has added the integration of Siri with Apple Watch. The only thing you need to be able to use it is to have watchOS 6 installed.

In the same way that we can already use the Apple assistant with the tagline ” … on Spotify ” on HomePods, iPhone, iPad and AirPods, now we can also lift our wrist and ask Spotify to reproduce what we want. We can request the reproduction of artists, albums, songs or genres.

A move to get rid of commissions like Amazon has done?

Interestingly, this integration comes around the same time that we know that Apple ‘forgives’ its 30% commission to all developers who precisely improve their compatibility with Apple products and services. Perhaps, for that reason, we will soon see Siri working with Spotify on Apple TV? Gone are the days when Spotify publicly attacked Apple, it seems.

For those who prefer Spotify over Apple Music for whatever reason, this puts the first service at the level of the second in terms of integrations, especially for everyone who uses Siri on an Apple Watch frequently. Possibly the integration of Apple Music improves with the arrival of iOS 14 in some way, but that will already be something for which we will have to wait for WWDC20 to see it.

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