The Twitter app is back on the Mac thanks to Catalyst

The Twitter app is back on the Mac thanks to Catalyst

Twitter shows its official application on the Mac thanks to the Catalyst technology introduced by the MacOS operating system Catalina.

Apromised in recent months at the WWDC 2019 event, Twitter reported its official client on Mac. The development had been interrupted in February 2018 so that it could concentrate on versions intended for mobile devices. It is already accessible for download directly from the official Cupertino store (link at the end of the article), obviously for free.

Twitter: the app for macOS with Catalyst

It’s all thanks to the Catalyst framework introduced with the MacOS 10.15 operating system Catalina at its debut in the past few days which allows developers to adapt iPad applications to run bitten apples on desktops and laptops. This is not a real port or a simple conversion: the interface layout has been modified to adapt to the larger computer screens, although to be honest the look and feel is not that of a software created in native mode for computers. We read on the official Apple website.

The Twitter app for Mac takes advantage of the native functions of macOS, such as the ability to open multiple windows at once, drag-and-drop, keyboard shortcuts and much more. And on the Mac screen there is space for everything, even to take a look at the news, continuing quietly to work with the other apps.

Other third-party developers and software houses will follow the Twitter example. According to reports in the official page of Catalina, one of the first to do so Morpholio, Post-it, Jira, Amarican Airlines, TripIt, Crew, Rosetta Stone and Proloquo2Go.