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From WhatsApp to Google Maps: tricks to know instantly where you left your car

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Amit Kumar
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It is one of the great fears of every driver. Suddenly you arrive at a city or a place that you don’t know about anything, it’s all full of cars and you find a place by chance. Park but leave in a hurry without remembering very well where you have parked your car. When you return everything becomes dark and you have a good time looking for it or believing that it has been stolen. To forget about this bad time, technology gives a lot of help, so here we mention some of the best.

From Google Maps itself to your WhatsApp application they can help you forget to spend the afternoon worried because you don’t know the name of the street where you left the car. And if these solutions do not work for you, there are many others for even more clueless or forgetful people. It is true that many new cars even bring built-in aids as part of their connectivity package, but don’t worry, you won’t have to renew your car to have these advantages.

WhatsApp groups

We start with one of the simplest options that exist, to use a group of ‘abandoned’ WhatsApp to know where you park. This trick got a few days ago a woman went viral on the social network Twitter to tell her experience, and the truth is that it is most useful. Whether it’s knowing where you park, to be clear about what to buy, or to save documents you need.

To do this you just have to create a WhatsApp group with one or more ‘buddies’ and then remove those contacts from the chat. The group will not be deleted but will remain as a private space that only you have access to and where you can leave a note of everything you want, whether it’s shopping lists, reminders, documents, photos or locations. It is that last section that interests us in this case.

Finally, once this is done, you will only have to, after parking, share in that chat your location at that moment (Symbol ‘+’> Location> Send my current location) and you will have the exact point. You can even add some text for peace of mind. A simple solution and may even cut, yes, but useful and effective as any other.

Telegram private chat

If you like this idea but do not want to perform the steps until you create an ‘abandoned’ group or you don’t like using WhatsApp, an almost traced option and even with better features is offered by Telegram. The ‘app’ rival of Facebook gives you the opportunity to have a private chat without any trick and you can do the same as with WhatsApp but with more space for documents and photos.

To find this tool you just have to go to Telegram> Settings> Saved messages. Once there a chat will open and you can start writing everything you want by adding locations and others as in the case of WhatsApp. In addition, you have an internal search engine in case you get lost in the meantime. The chat will appear like any other on the home screen.

Tell Siri

We continue with something less known or usual but designed so you don’t have to do practically anything. And if you have an iPhone, Apple’s own voice assistant saves your address so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The trick is as simple as once parked, take out your cell phone, call Siri (you can do it by saying “hey, Siri” if you have the option activated, pressing the start button for a while or pressing the power button on the new models ) and ask you to save your location. To save it correctly it is best to ask “Remember where I have parked my car” and the system itself will put an icon of a car in the ‘app’ Maps indicating the place where you have parked.

When you return to the car, if you do not want to open the ‘app’, it will be as simple as asking Siri ” where I parked my car “, the mobile will take you to it. Finally, you should ask the assistant to forget that parking spot by saying “Siri, forget where I parked my car”.

If you have an Android phone, don’t worry, Google offers the same possibility with its assistant, so you just have to follow these same steps to remember your parking spot. Of course, do not forget in any case to have activated the location but the mobile, obviously, can not do anything for you in this situation.

Apple and Google Maps

If you do not dare or do not like to talk with your voice assistant, you always have the possibility to interact with the system through the navigation apps that we use more and more. These ‘apps’, both Apple Maps and Google Maps, offer the option of saving the point of your parking and is as simple as following a few small steps at the end of our trip.

In the case of Google, you must go to the ‘app’ after parking and wait for you to be geolocated. Once this is done you will have to click on the blue dot that indicates where you are and then on ‘Save parking’. The system will automatically mark that point as the place where your car is and you can go to it to know how to get there, to erase the ‘pushpin’ or to add more details about the location such as data about the ‘parking’ or a photo.

This is even easier if you have done the trip by taking Google Maps as a browser since at the end of the trip the system will give you the opportunity to save that location automatically.

In the case of Apple, it is somewhat more complex (it goes without saying that people who use iPhone can use Google Maps) because you need to have a Bluetooth or CarPlay connection in your car. If you have any of these tools, it will be enough to have the option ‘Frequent locations’ activated (Settings> Privacy> Location> System services> Frequent locations> Frequent locations) and ‘Show parked car’ (Settings> Maps> Show parked car). If you have all that ready, the system will save the location of your car every time it disconnects from your Bluetooth or CarPlay.

Tailored ‘Apps’

As it can not be otherwise, there are also ‘apps’ developed by third parties and that are specially prepared for this task. If you are looking for something more complete or accurate, this may be your best option. In addition, some are specially prepared for the main problem of the big ones: the parkings. Here we leave you two of the best alternatives.

Find my parked car

It is one of the classic ones and is available for both Android and iOS. Its great difference with the rest is that it allows you to add up to alarms to know when you should remove your car from the parking lot and allows you to add all kinds of details to know where exactly you have left it.


This alternative may seem even more complete. In addition to alarms, it offers the option to see the parking history and remember the last points where you have left your car. It may sound like something unimportant but the more information you have at your fingertips the more secure you will move.

Smart search engines

Finally, if none of this works for you or you want something even higher, you have the option of ‘hardware’ with smart search engines. Thought not to lose keys and other similar objects, this kind of keychains can serve you in these cases to remember where your car is. These are locators that without you having to do anything (obviously you have to pair them with your mobile before using them) they will indicate the place where they are at all times in the ‘Find my iPhone’ style.

The most famous are those of the Tile brand and are priced between $ 20 and $ 30. It is a desperate measure, but we all know people who are not even the simplest technology to leave their slopes aside.

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