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The clouds of Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud join to go for the Amazon

With the announced partnership, the two cloud providers start a direct network connection, which is initially available only in the eastern United States.

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Microsoft and Oracle have just announced that they are working together to offer interoperability of their services. The two giants that until now competed in the business of large business infrastructures in the cloud, have decided to join forces and also offer new capabilities for their customers courtesy of this association.

Thanks to this agreement, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud will be able to interconnect, and their clients will be able to migrate and execute mission-critical business workloads in both services. Customers will be able to run part of the workload within Azure and another part of the workload within Oracle Cloud.

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Both platforms will allow the smooth use of Azure tools such as Analytics and A

The cloud business is largely dominated by Amazon Web Services , which has almost twice the market share of Microsoft Azure, its closest competitor. This agreement with Oracle will undoubtedly make them more competitive against other rivals such as the Google, IBM or Alibaba clouds, but especially against Amazon.

While industry veterans like IMB and Oracle have lagged behind despite decades of experience , Amazon, with its cloud platform launched in 2006, ended up becoming the dominant market player.

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I along with Oracle Cloud services such as Antunomous Database. The idea is to offer customers a single point of sale for all the services and applications in the cloud that they need to run their business.

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The growth of this industry is one of the most potential now, not for nothing Microsoft has been betting harder on Azure than any other of its products, and in fact has been the cause that are currently being planted as one of the most valuable companies in the world, achieving even the trillion dollars of publicly traded.

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The alliance with Oracle brings to its platform the entire set of applications for sales, services, marketing, human resources, finance, supply chain, manufacturing and infrastructure of the company. It is a strategic agreement to push more business customers to migrate to the cloud, and as Don Johnson, executive vice president of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, explains, “they will be able to do it without having to redesign anything, and preserving the large investments they have made.”

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