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Google One brings more data backup storage for Android Smartphones

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Google launches a new feature for its storage subscription service OneOne customers get more backup features for their Android smartphoneThe backup feature included in Android only covers some of the data that exists on an Android smartphone. Google wants to improve that with the backup function in One.

Google states that One One’s Active One membership can be used to automatically back up the data on an Android smartphone. In addition to the apps installed via the Play Store, the address book as well as text messages, MMS data, photos and videos are to be stored in their original quality.

Google does not mention that even app data is backed up. Accordingly, should continue to lose settings in apps. And those who use apps that use local data, this probably also can not secure. Thus, even Google One customers do not get a full backup of the data of an Android smartphone.

Five subscription models from Google One

Google offers five different one-off models. For 1.99 euros per month there is 100 GB of cloud storage space. All other tariff models are also billed monthly: 200 GB cost 2.99 euros, for 9.99 euros the usable storage volume increases to 2 TB and for 99.99 euros there are 10 TB of cloud storage. The most expensive option costs 199.99 euros and has a capacity of 20 TB.

A Google One subscriber can share their cloud resources with up to five family members. In addition, paying One customers receive support and should be able to help with problems from Google experts. Google employees are available around the clock via chat, email or phone. Support is Google’s reason that paying customers are usually among the users who use their products particularly intensively and therefore need more support for technical support.
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