Phil Spencer on xCloud, Stadia and cloud gaming

Phil Spencer Microsoft talks about cloud gaming
Phil Spencer Microsoft talks about cloud gaming

Microsoft’s number one for the Xbox division talks about how the new era of cloud gaming will revolutionize the world of video games.

Another authoritative voice of the videogame world (after Hideo Kojima and David Cage) speaks about the opportunities of cloud gaming: this time it’s up to an interested party, Phil Spencer, number one of the Xbox division for Microsoft. The Redmond company, we recall, will launch in the not too distant future xCloud, a platform destined to enter into direct competition with Google’s Stadia service.

Phil Spencer (Xbox) talks about cloud gaming

In an interview with the GameSpot site, Spencer said that according to his vision, streaming games will  revolutionize the entire industry, but not soon. It will take years for a real transition to take place from the current model to one capable of removing PCs and consoles, delegating exclusively to remote data center servers the task of managing the execution of the titles. It is no coincidence that Microsoft has already launched Project Scarlett, its next Xbox, hardware that will compete with Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Take for example Netflix, which is now twenty years old. Sometimes we forget it because technology evolves rapidly. It took two decades to get to the point where shows like The Throne of Space or House of Cards, among the most important in the world, are watched mainly in streaming. I think cloud gaming will take less time, but not just a couple of years. This is a technological change. We could believe it will happen immediately, but it won’t be.

In short, Microsoft  seems less optimistic with respect to bigG in terms of timing, confirming its intention to continue to offer a more traditional gaming formula (on PC and console) supported by an option for streaming titles on devices such as smartphones that otherwise they would remain excluded. A test phase open to the public for xCloud is expected by October, while Stadia’s debut in its premium version with Pro subscription is set by bigG for November.