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WordPress WooCommerce Based Stores Are Under Attack

WordPress-based shopping websites are enduring an onslaught from hacker group in a shopping cart module to plant indirect accesses and take over to vulnerable...

Cyber Security Is A Myth?

Tech users see cyber dangers as financial disablers and cybersecurity as a financial burden. Numbers like those above are so huge, they make users...
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Drinking more coffee may lower risk of endometrial cancer, study says

A new study suggests that drinking more coffee may reduce the risk of developing endometrial cancer, a kind of cancer that starts...

Binge-watching TV increases the risk of serious blood clots by 35%, says new study

"Being physically active does not eliminate the increased risk of blood clots associated with prolonged TV watching," warn scientists.

Common Air Pollutants Threaten Butterflies and Bees’ Ability to Find Flowers

The study found up to 70% fewer pollinators, up to 90% fewer flower visits and an overall pollination reduction of up to...

Women’s sports face greater misogynistic attitude from male football fans

A new study published today claims that openly misogynistic attitudes toward women's sport may be common among male football enthusiasts.