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Google: Android 10 Go Edition will arrive in the fall

Even the entry level smartphones will have their Android 10 (Go Edition): Google announces the arrival in the fall and promises more speed and security.

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When Google launched Android Pie last year, it also released a “Go Edition” edition for entry-level devices. Now that the new edition of the green robot’s mobile operating system, Android 10, is official and being distributed in its stable version on other smartphones, such as the OnePlus 7, as well as on Pixels, Big G announces arrival by end of autumn also of an Android 10 Go Edition. This version of the tenth edition of the Big G operating system will be reserved for less powerful smartphones with less than 1.5 GB of RAM.

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Android 10 Go Edition: features

According to Google, with Android 10 Go Edition the apps will be opened at a speed 10% faster than the low-power version of Pie. The overall reliability of the system has also been improved.

From a security standpoint , Android 10 (Go Edition) adopts Adiantum, a form of encryption created for low-power devices introduced by Google earlier this year that allows these devices with limited resources to encrypt data without affecting on performance.

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The real strength of Adiantum is that it can work efficiently without the need for specialized hardware, which means that all users of the Go Edition will have the same level of data security as any other Android device, including flagship, without compromising performance.

This will make the next generation of devices more secure than their predecessors, allowing even those who buy a cheaper device to access the network safely.

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For the rest, most of the features of Android Go Edition are app based. Among the most interesting innovations introduced by Google, the function of reading aloud based on artificial intelligence, Google Lens and Gallery Go that, with a weight of only 10 MB, thanks to automatic learning, allows you to organize the shots in categories.

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