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Microsoft fixes the high CPU usage problem caused by the latest Windows 10 update

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Jiya Saini
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The latest cumulative update for Windows 10, named KB4512941, brought several problems to the system, as is common. It is also common for Microsoft to update to fix everything that has been broken, and that they have done by launching another update this Tuesday, in their already typical Patch Tuesday.

The name of this update, from day 10, is KB4515384, and what Microsoft has not mentioned at the moment to solve the most media problem that KB4512941 brought, the strange orange screenshots. Another related problem is that the screens turn red gradually from the beginning of the team session, although the pointer remained in its color.

There are several solutions to this problem, such as updating the graphic drivers, activating and deactivating the Bluetooth several times or directly uninstalling the cumulative update. In addition, in the support forums they mention that Lenovo computers may be especially affected with Lenovo Vantage App.

The problem of high CPU usage that fixed

In its update statement, Microsoft has mentioned the following:

“[The update] fixes a problem that causes a high CPU usage of SearchUI.exe for a small number of users. The problem only occurs on devices that have disabled web search using Windows Desktop Search.”

Although Microsoft claims that the problem was minor in terms of affected users, it affected a fundamental part of the system such as Cortana, which uses the SearchUI.exe process, the company has also patched two zero-day privilege elevation vulnerabilities that were already being attacked In addition, fix another 80 security flaws

In general, after the problematic update 1809, since Redmond they seem to have filed much better the May 2019 Update (1903), which although it frequently presents problems such as those mentioned, they are still the current bugs in an operating system that use millions and millions of people around the world, with configurations that in many cases have little to do with each other, with outdated drivers, etc.

More information | Microsoft

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