ReactOS, the open source alternative to Windows adds new themes

ReactOS, the open source alternative to Windows adds new themes

ReactOS 0.4.12 has just been released and with this new version the operating system that since 1995 seeks to be an open source alternative to Windows, comes a little closer to offering a fairly similar experience.

For the less understood, ReactOS is not one of those Linux distros that use a theme similar to the Windows shell, but an open source operating system with its own kernel that works as closely as possible to Windows and that is gradually getting closer More to your goal.

Retro but less retro than before

ReactOS has always been characterized by offering an experience as similar to Windows as possible, but to an old Windows, in fact, even before that version its style was the same as Windows NT.

Now for the first time they have updated their themes to look a little more modern and now they look very similar to the old XP in two colored variations in the ReactOS style, offering more options to users.

While aesthetic updates are appreciated, perhaps the most interesting novelty of this new ReactOS is the support of Windows Snap, that is, the possibility of using Windows keyboard shortcuts + arrows to attach windows to the right or left, maximize and minimize, a feature that, as they explain themselves, is part of the muscle memory of many Windows users.

ReactOS has also worked hard to solve problems with rendering fonts and buttons, especially in .NET applications or iTunes itself. In general, they explain that many more things work now in ReactOS.

If you want to try this operating system you can follow the instructions to do it in a virtual machine, something they recommend you always do before installing it directly on your hardware.

The minimum ReactOS requirements are a Pentium class or newer x86 processor, 96MB of RAM (recommend 256), 650MB of free disk space or 5GB recommended for testing, and a VGA-compatible graphics. As you can see, ReactOS is a good alternative for very, very old or modest hardware.

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