Windows 10 users face new issues with KB4515384 updates

Windows 10 users face new issues with KB4515384 updates

If there is a front on which Microsoft needs to intervene as a priority to improve Windows 10 it is certainly the one linked to updates. Since the release of October Update 2018 onwards, the problems have multiplied. The Redmond group is aware of it and, it must be acknowledged, has moved accordingly to at least partially remedy, introducing a new method of download and installation as well as relegating the 19H2 version  to the role of Service Pack.

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Windows 10, update problems continue

Apparently it is still not enough. Reports on malfunctions related to the recently released KB4512941 update appeared on the Net. Someone complained about an excessive (and unjustified) use of resources by the virtual assistant Cortana, others the inability to use the search field located within the taskbar.

Collected the feedback, Microsoft has run for cover with the distribution of the subsequent package KB4515384 for Windows 10, going to solve the problems, creating unfortunately new ones. There is now talk of malfunctions related to connectivity and more in detail to the inexplicable deactivation of the WiFi as well as the impossibility of transmitting or receiving data via Ethernet. Even a new driver installation does not seem to resolve, thus forcing a rollback or removal of the last update.

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In short, not exactly the best advertising for Microsoft, which could announce a new incarnation of its own operating system within the next few weeks, the Windows Lite version destined for dual screen and folding, a long time protagonist of rumors and rumors. Among other innovations coming up for the October 2 event, perhaps a 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 with AMD processor.

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