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Tracking cookies: Firefox shakes off the pursuers

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In the latest version of the Firefox web browser, tracking protection is automatically enabled as the default for all users. In the fight against tracking, a “new approach” has been developed, writes David Camp, Senior Vice President of Firefox. This improved “anti-tracking technology” can be used since June; 20% of Firefox users already benefit from this feature.

Soon it will be 100 percent of the users. Because they have to do nothing since the last update of the browser to enable the feature.

Threatened privacy

The Firefox version 69 tracking protection works behind the scenes and uses information from the so-called Disconnect list to block known trackers. This can prevent companies from creating profiles of users. Often these profiles are created without the knowledge or consent of the users.

A click on the sign icon in the address bar displays information about the companies that could be prevented from tracking.

Fight against crypto-miner

In addition to trackers, fingerprinting scripts also threatened users’ privacy. You can identify individual users based on the software configuration of their computer. In order to protect themselves from fingerprinting scripts, Firefox users must become active themselves and select the appropriate preference in the settings.

Another currently widespread malware threatens the power of computer hardware: crypto-miners steal computing power. This malware is also suppressed by default in the latest Firefox release.

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