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Eagles vs Washington: “FedExField is a death trap”, NFL fans

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After people were spotted falling over barriers as part of the FedExField Stadium crumbled, quarterback Jalen Hurts found himself in the center of a true stadium crisis.

After NFL fans were seen falling in a terrifying stand collapse on Sunday night, the FedExField Stadium in Washington has been dubbed a ‘death trap.’

The panic occurred during a game between the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles, in which the Eagles won 20-16.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts walked off the field to a standing ovation from the crowd. However, what appeared to be a celebration turned out to be a tragedy for the quarterback.

As Hurts made his way down to the stadium entrance, a stand to his left collapsed, sending a number of cheering fans tumbling over barricades and to Hurts’ feet.

The Eagles player, who went on to be one of the game’s standout performers on the field, rushed to the aid of the stranded fans, attempting to get them out of what might have been a life-threatening situation.

The Associated Press photo runner Mark Tenally was wounded in the incident, and was treated by the FedExField medical crew, according to the Mail.

A video of the stand collapsing was published to Twitter, where the user @thebennatan said: “FedExField is a death trap.”

The video then went viral across the NFL social media community, as one fan – @AlexJohnsonFry1 – replied: “Couple feet away from ending Hurts’ career”

Whilst @jayzturf responded: “I was thinking the same thing that could have been bad for him and those fans”

The Washington Football Team is under contract to remain at the heavily criticized FedExField until 2027, but the team has recently attempted to relocate to the inconveniently located Landover, Maryland.

Officials from the team recently visited with legislators in Virginia as part of their ongoing efforts to secure support for the construction of a new home stadium in Northern Virginia.

Considering the possibility of a stadium shift, Washington owner Daniel Snyder stated in May of last year: “So we’re looking everywhere … looking at the future. … We’re making big plans.”

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