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The five richest UFC fighters and the KOs that endorse them

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In Revyuh we have prepared the list of active fighters in 2019 who have entered the most money. We accompany the information with its most emblematic KOs

UFC is currently the largest promoter of MMA in the world. The vast majority of fighters fight under contract with the company chaired by Dana White. The fighters most appreciated by the UFC are not only those who develop the most efficient fighting styles on top of the octagon but the most capable of magnetizing fans’ attention. The equation is clear: if they drag many fans, they assure the UFC to earn more money and, in return, the promoter rewards them with the biggest bags in the world of MMA.

In Revyuh we have prepared the list of active fighters in 2019 who have more money in their accounts throughout their UFC career, including those who have retired this year, even if they have not even fought. We accompany the information with videos of their most emblematic KOs.

5. Anderson Silva: $ 18 million (16,109,880.35)

Anderson Silva is a sports legend because he managed to defend his UFC middleweight belt for 7 years, sometimes in an amazing way. His contribution to the world of MMA is undeniable, and it seems that it is not over yet. This past year he returned to the Octagon to get involved in big fights; one against Israel Adesanya and one against Jared Cannonier. Unfortunately for ‘The spider’, he lost in both.

At the moment it is not certain that Silva will fight again. However, what is certain is that even if you have to retire, you will do so with profits obtained along your 18 million dollar trajectory.

4. BJ Penn: 22 million dollars (19,690,491.44 euros)

BJ Penn may be one of the fighters who has experienced the most tragic farewell in the history of UFC. Not for his defeats, which he had a few, but for his final career in the promoter.

During its successful beginnings, it came to hold the lightweight and welter belts. In his moment of splendor he was one of the fighters responsible for the vertiginous growth of the promoter. The problem is that Penn fought fights for much longer than he should. Between 2011 and 2019, when they had their best moments, they won no victory in seven disputed fights, setting the record for the most consecutive defeats in UFC history.

His personal life has been even more tragic. He was involved in several bar fights and his wife denounced him for physical and sexual abuse. In 2019, he played two fights, the last one in August, which turned out to be the sad end of his career. However, thanks to its time of splendour, Penn has achieved a net worth of 22 million dollars.

3. Brock Lesnar: $ 28 million (25,071,653.13 euros)

Brock Lesnar did not fight in UFC during 2019, but it was rumored that he was going to do it against Daniel Cormier before he finally declared that he was retiring from the company. His announced fight caused Cormier to delay the end of his career, although he definitely faced Stipe Miocic, losing his heavyweight title.

Brock Lesnar never hid that his only motivation in life was to earn as much money as possible, which has made him a detestable figure for both WWE and UFC fans. However, its strategy has yielded immense monetary benefits.

The current WWE champion has been an MMA fighter and an NFL football player, and in all his occupations he has achieved a certain level of success. He has also been an actor in television shows and movies such as ‘Foxcatcher’, nominated for an Oscar in 2015. With all these assets, Brock Lesnar has raised the staggering $ 28 million.


2. Georges St. Pierre: 30 million dollars (26,865,251.38 euros)

Another UFC fighter who retired this year, Georges St. Pierre, is recognized as one of the best fighters in history. During his reign, he was considered an impeccable fighter and many classify him as the best MMA fighter of all time.

During his career, he was middleweight champion and UFC welter. In the welterweight he held the title for 6 years, being the second-longest reign in UFC history. The Canadian, unlike other fighters present on this list, won most of his fortune with the 14 matches spread in pay-per-view of his UFC career. He also had several sponsorship agreements with Bacardi, NOS energy drink and Electronic Arts.

GSP announced that it was retiring this year after the fight with UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov failedThere are rumors that he could return to the octagon in the future if an interesting fight occurs. Due to the success of his career, he has accumulated a total of 30 million dollars.

1. Conor McGregor: 110 million dollars (98,517,358.10 euros)

There was no doubt about who would be the fighter who would head the list. Conor McGregor is the richest MMA fighter by a considerable margin.

Conor McGregor seems to be ready to relaunch his career in the company after a year out. McGregor announced his retirement in 2019, although he was not taken very seriously since fans knew he would not leave like that without further ado. With a loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov in his last fight at UFC 229, a rematch was so economically appealing that McGregor could not ignore it. At the moment, he is ready to fight Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone this January. If he has a good performance, the next one on the list will probably be Jorge Masvidal, but this remains to be seen.

McGregor is the first fighter who has worn two simultaneous UFC titles. However, most of his fortune comes from his confrontation against Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, where he went knowing his sure defeat. But the negative result did not hurt him much since he made a profit of around 85 million dollars. Since then, he has increased his fortune with the benefits obtained with his clothing line and his brand of whiskey.

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