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WHO denies rumors of infertility after vaccination

The organization denies rumors that vaccines for COVID-19 can alter human DNA or affect reproductive function. The World Health Organization (WHO) has denied rumours of...

Pompeo reveals where COVID-19 came from

Back in 2016, Chinese scientists studied the RaTG13 bat coronavirus, which is more than 96% identical to COVID-19, the head of the State Department...

Bolsonaro tries to hide the dead and threatens to leave the WHO

Brazil has become the worst example to follow in managing the pandemic and its president, Jair Bolsonaro, intends to cover the sun with his hand. The far-right...

WHO confirms that Microplastic in water is not dangerous to health

There is no convincing evidence that microplastic in drinking water is unhealthy, the WHO report says, a summary is available on a separate page. Most of...

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