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Why do women suffer more injuries in road accidents than men?

American researchers have managed to explain why women are more likely to be injured or killed in a road accident. The results of their study...

Coffee: Finally how much a woman is allowed to drink during pregnancy

Can excessive coffee consumption during pregnancy affect the fetus and the child's subsequent behavior during his or her life? See what a new study has...

Scientists discover a promising new way to reduce the risk of preterm birth

This new promising can help about 15 million women each year, who are exposed to the risk of preterm birth

Why more women are dying in the second wave of the coronavirus?

British scientists are investigating the possibility of being more vulnerable to mutation Why are more women dying from Covid now than in the first wave of...

Coronavirus: Which gender is most affected – and why

According to unemployment rates, women have shown much better recovery than men during the pandemic.  Many have named the economic collapse of the pandemic as...

The Conversation: Israel’s Most Hated ‘Devil’s Lawyer’: “I’m Sure I’m Right”

She has been defending for 50 years, from those arrested for throwing stones to others who tried to blow themselves up on buses. Her...

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