Extraordinary general elections to be held in Bolivia

Extraordinary general elections to be held in Bolivia
Image from Pixabay

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced the holding of new general elections in the country, as well as the appointment of a new composition of the Higher Electoral Court of Bolivia, the Argentine press said on Sunday.

According to sources, the decision was made after observers from the Organization of American States distributed a report that contained facts confirming fraud during the presidential election in Bolivia on October 20.

Morales called for reducing tension after a wave of protests swept the country after the election, accompanied by acts of violence and vandalism. “We all in Bolivia have an obligation to calm down,” he said.

About when the elections will take place, the president did not report.

Elections and riots in Bolivia

According to the Bolivian High Election Court, Evo Morales won 47.07% in the presidential election on October 20, while Carlos Mesa, the leader of the Civil Society, won 36.51% of the vote. A margin of more than 10 percentage points allowed Morales to be declared the winner in the first round.

Mesa and his supporters report fraud and demand a second round without accepting the results of the first.

On the night of October 22, riots broke out in Bolivia, the participants of which accused the authorities of election fraud.

The Organization of American States and the EU believe that the second round of the presidential election would be the best outcome for holding the situation in Bolivia.

Morales has led Bolivia since January 2006.