Kazakh President demands investigation of blackout at his residence

Kazakh President demands investigation of blackout at his residence

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev ordered the creation of a commission to investigate the accident in Nur-Sultan, which left a part of the city, including its residence, both houses of parliament and the Government House, without light. This was reported by spokesman Tokaeva Berik Kurmangali.

The commission will be headed by Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar.

“It is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation, to identify the culprits, if necessary, the cases will be transferred to law enforcement agencies,” – the president’s spokesman wrote.

Tokayev also demanded to take measures to prevent this from happening again in the future.


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«Левобережная» подстанциясының кабель желілерін қалпына келтіру жұмыстары жалғасуда. Бригадалар сонымен бірге нысандарды ауыстырып қосу шараларын жүзеге асыруда, көшпелі дизель-генераторлар іске қосылды. Тұрғын үйлер мен нысандардың бөлігі өрт сөндірушілердің қауіпсіздігі үшін электр желісінен ажыратылды. Жұмыстарды түнге дейін аяқтау жоспарланған. Апат себептерін тексеру басталды. _______ Продолжаются работы по восстановлению кабельных линий подстанции «Левобережная», также бригады выполняют работы по переключению объектов, задействованы мобильные дизель-генераторные установки. Часть ЖК и объектов были отключены в целях безопасности от поражения электротоком при допуске пожарных бригад. Планируется завершить работы до ночи. Структурным подразделениям поручено выяснить причины аварии, начата проверка.

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Part of the city was de-energized on Sunday night due to a fire in the cable channel from the Levoberezhnaya substation. Electricity to consumers powered from this line was cut off for the safety of firefighters, explained the mayor of the city Altai Kulginov. This was reported by Tengrinews. Nine apartment buildings, Tokayev’s residence, the Senate, Mazhilis, the House of Ministries, the House of Government and the Supreme Court were without light.

The electricity supply in the city was resumed on Monday morning. Work is ongoing on connecting the Baiterek monument, the Keruen shopping and entertainment centre, the Emerald Quarter business centre, the buildings of the National Library and the National Archives.

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