The White House expert found the absence of several phrases in the transcript

The White House expert found the absence of several phrases in the transcript
Image from Pixabay

US Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Windman said in Congress that several important phrases are missing from the transcript of a conversation between US President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky published by the White House, The New York Times reported citing three sources familiar with the situation.

So, among the statements that did not fall into the transcript, there were Trump’s words about what he knows about the existence of audio recordings on which former US Vice President Joe Biden discusses corruption in Ukraine. In addition, the transcript did not include Zelensky’s mention of Burisma Holdings, in which Biden’s son Hunter worked.

Windman is Director of the Department of Europe of the United States National Security Council and is considered the chief expert on Ukraine at the White House.

The lieutenant colonel said that he was trying to make changes to the transcript, which the White House eventually published, adding the omitted statements of Zelensky and Trump, but did not succeed. He did not indicate the reason why these phrases were not included in the published transcript.

Windman made statements regarding the transcript at a closed hearing in the US Congress about White House attempts to put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities.

In the fall, a political scandal erupted around the conversation between Trump and Zelensky in the United States. The reason was the media publication that referred to the informant that Trump allegedly exerted pressure on Zelensky to start an investigation against one of the main Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

As a result of the “Ukrainian scandal,” the Democrats in the House of Representatives on September 24 initiated the impeachment process of Trump.