Doppelganger of Steve Jobs causes a sensation on Reddit

An image has appeared in the net showing a man in Egypt. The unknown strongly resembles the deceased Apple co-founder.

Apple Cofounder Steve Job in Egypt

Reddit user Sheshesheqwerty posted a photo of a man sitting comfortably in a plastic chair, under the title “Steve Jobs is hiding in Egypt after faking his death”. And from the side, the man actually looks very similar to the former Apple CEO, who died in 2011 of cancer.

The reactions were not long in coming: “God, Steve Jobs is not wearing an Apple Watch,” noted, for example, the Reddit user Bettinafairchild. Others note that the similarity is no coincidence, because Jobs biological father was from Syria. Endokrane commented: “I know many Arab uncle who look like him”.

No alimony

Various conspiracy theories were developed immediately. So some users speculated that Steve Jobs probably hiding to escape the maintenance payments for his first daughter Lisa. However, this is illogical, as it is already grown up anyway.

Also memories of former deceased personalities, where there were rumors about a survival, were awakened. Squeakysquid asked, “Where are Biggie and Tupac?”. Others made word games with the surname of the tech legend, formerly based in Palo Alto, California. So Jobs now enjoys his life without work, so first Steve Jobs, then he became Steve no job.

No details known

It is not clear where the picture of the doppelganger was taken exactly. In addition to information that it originated in Egypt, there was also information that the picture was taken in Libya. The real Steve Jobs died on 5 October 2011 after a long cancer.

The man in the photograph resembles the former Apple and Pixar boss especially in the time before Steve Jobs was drawn by his illness. And one user still had a creative proposal to Apple. The group could engage the man and stage Jobs return from the dead. In addition, he could still solve the problems with the Macbook keyboards.