This application cancels subscriptions once the free trial month has ended

This application cancels subscriptions once the free trial month has ended

A very common technique in subscription services is to offer the first month for free. In this way, they want you to try their offer in order to convince you that you end up paying to use it. Anyway, there is also another scenario to consider: that you do not want to pay and you forget to cancel it.

Surely you know someone who has happened this or perhaps you have experienced it yourself. To end these complications, this application comes ” Do Not Pay ” (do not pay), a service that auto cancels your free trial after expiry.

Porn and Netflix: the most canceled subscriptions

Through this app, it will be possible to automatically cancel subscriptions once the free trial month has ended. Behind this idea is the developer Josh Browder, and ensures that its creation is not linked to a bank account nor is it necessary to enter a credit card.

Anyway, Browder says it has been created with the collaboration of an important bank, although they have not wanted to reveal the company that has allowed this application to materialize.

At the moment, this service is available in the United States, and has just been launched in the United Kingdom. Browder says that “the idea of ​​this product came up when I realized that the gym was still charging me $ 21.99 for a year without using it.”

“Having to be constantly checking when the free trial period ends is annoying and time consuming.”

The company says that in the six weeks that the service has been active in the United States, about 10,000 people have already signed up for the service. They claim that the two most common subscriptions for which the service has been used are pornographic platforms and Netflix.

Currently it is only available for iOS, although they say they are working on a web version. Each customer receives a virtual credit card number next to a false name, and this data can be used to register for any service.

For this reason, some platforms are already trying to block the service, identifying what type of cards belong to Do Not Pay. The most ironic of all is that Browder is thinking of launching a subscription to use their service in the future (it is currently free).

“Maybe we will launch a cheap subscription someday, for $ 2 a month.”

That means that maybe someone could use this platform to unsubscribe from it, if they decide to include a trial month. Meanwhile, it sounds like a very useful option to be able to try certain services without having to worry about being charged later.

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