A blockchain based alternative to Google Maps focused on privacy and design

Arcane Maps - a privacy focused alternative to google maps

When looking for a physical address on the internet we usually use Google Maps, the Google map service. However, although not as complete, there are several alternatives to this service, and which we will talk about today has a clear focus on privacy, since it is based on blockchain and promises not to collect any information about users.

This is Arcane Maps, a service within the many others of Arcane, all based on offering privacy-focused alternatives to the services of giants such as Google or Microsoft. Arcane Maps is available through the browser for any platform, and promises future applications for different devices.

Arcane Maps is a blockchain-based website that has just seen the light. It is a map service focused on privacy, in which we can consult the location of any country or city, as well as monuments, restaurants and other elements of interest.

Arcane Maps surprises with its good interface, quite in line with the design lines that are released in 2019. At the function level, it is basically a Google Maps in beta. At the interface level it is a fairly clean web, which is based on Mapbox and OpenStreetMap, an open source platform that offers a map of the world, with an interface far more sparing than Arcane.
As we anticipated, the operation is relatively similar to Google Maps. We can establish routes (by car, bicycle, walking, etc.), see ratings of certain places (based on platforms such as Yelp, not Google), save favorites and others. We have also been struck by the good optimization of the web in the mobile version, since the interface adapts perfectly to the device, giving us more the feeling that we are using an application that we are browsing a web.

We miss functions such as how long it takes to get from one place to another, reminders of where we have parked, information about public transport and others, but in situations where we need only locate certain places on the map, it is a proposal how valid At the moment it is in beta, so we hope that little by little more functions will arrive.

Similarly, as we anticipated at the beginning of the article, its creator claims to be working on applications for iOS and Android , so we can use it both on our PC and on our mobile.

More information | Arcane Maps

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