With this free app you can quickly add the entire discography of an artist to a Spotify playlist

Playlist on Spotify - A free app to add an artist's entire discography to a playlist

The playlists on Spotify are one of the most essential parts of the application, but what if you are little obsessed with the same artist and want to add an artist’s entire discography to a playlist, what will you do?

The process can take more or less time if we do it “by hand”, especially if it is a very prolific one. Here is the solution to add absolutely all same artist’s entire music to the same playlist.

Playlist Tools is a small web application created by the reddit user wickedmagneticplasma that serves just that: add an artist’s entire discography to a playlist quickly.

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The simplest way to create playlists dedicated to an artist’s obsession

The webapp is extremely easy to use and also works perfectly from the mobile browser, in case you want to take advantage of it from your smartphone. Playlist Tools has the following options and features:

  • You can create a new playlist from the complete discography of an artist, or add the music to an existing playlist
  • By default all discs are selected except compilations
  • We can filter what we are going to add by type (disk, singles, compilation, live, remixes)
  • We can add or remove individual albums (yes, that playlist with all the albums of your favorite artist except the one you didn’t like)
  • It has an option to prevent duplicates if there are multiple versions of a disc, as in the cases of remastered, or deluxe editions
  • You have the option to add the 5-10 most popular songs (calculated by Spotify)

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In order to use the application you need to log in with Spotify and grant the basic permissions so that it can work: access your playlists to modify them. You can remove those permits later.

Access is granted through the secure Spotify login and only for one hour. All you have to do at the beginning is to give your playlist a name and then choose an artist, the rest of the options are presented later before finalizing its creation.

The app tells you how many records you found and selects all of them for defects. You can check or uncheck the boxes you want, and you can filter the results instantly.

Hope, by now you might have added your favorite artist’s entire discography to a playlist.