A free app for macOS to take screenshots with scrolls or individual windows

Xnip, screen capture tool - A free screenshot app for macos

Although macOS already includes a screen capture tool, it may be too basic for those looking to have more control. Many have turned to applications like Skitch, but now comes a free app that promises a lot: Xnip.

Zeke Zhang, creator of Xnip, says he has had to “spend a lot of time” to make this application increasingly “better.” The reality is that we have tried it and it has some really interesting features.

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Scroll captures are very useful

As we can see in the presentation video, with Xnip it is possible to capture our entire screen, of a certain area, of individual windows or even scrolling the screen (very useful for an article or code).

It must be said that, although Xnip is completely free, it will place a watermark on the captures with scroll if you are not a member of Xnip Pro (€ 5.49 subscription per year). Anyway, it is a very discreet watermark that appears at the beginning.

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In the application settings you can set the shortcut with which you want to launch Xnip, if you want the images to be saved in .JPG or .PNG or if you want a “shadow effect” to be added to the sales you capture.

Another important point is that if we leave the cursor still, a “precision mode” will appear: a kind of magnifying glass that allows us to start cropping from the pixel we want. In addition, from there we can also copy the color of a particular pixel.

Once we have made the capture we can use the classic tools that will allow us to annotate, draw or point to different points of the image. In short, Xnip is a practically essential application for those macOS users looking for a screen capture tool.

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