A Free tool to create an attractive email signature for your Gmail

A Free tool to create an attractive email signature for your Gmail

Although it may sound like a somewhat Jurassic thing, the signature we place in our email can be very important when it comes to offering information that helps other people know what we do.

The vast majority of us, surely we use Gmail, and it is striking that this platform does not offer too many options when setting up a good email signature. For that we can use tools as useful as the generator created by cloudHQ. It is free, very easy to use and you will only need to install an extension.

Customize your email signature according to your needs

Its creators claim that a “solid signature” in our email is much more than “just contact information.” They remind us that “some recipients will spend more time looking at our emails than our adorable faces in person,” as it is a great “promotional opportunity.”

Once we have installed the extension for Google Chrome, from this tool we can include all kinds of information and multimedia to our firm. Here are some examples:

  • An image of you or a logo
  • Links to your social networks
  • Legal notices to protect you or your clients
  • YouTube video
  • Link to a sales page , to the last entry of your blog or a press release
  • promotional banner
  • A link for recipients to quickly schedule a meeting

As we can see in the video above (which serves as a tutorial), once we have installed the extension we will see an icon to select and create the signature every time we are going to compose a new email.

On the left side there are the different fields that we can fill, divided by different categories. There are many customization options: colors, icons, size and font, etc.

On the right side, we can see at all times a preview of the signature, to see how it will arrive when we press the send button. As we see, it is a very useful and simple tool, and at this point it is somewhat strange that Gmail has not integrated something similar officially.