A new free email client for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS

Twobird A Free Email Client for Windows, macos and ios

Notability is one of the most beloved applications in macOS and iOS to take notes. Its creators, Ginger Labs, now surprise us by launching Twobird, a free email client for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS that is worth trying.

Anyway, on their website they already make it clear that it is much more than just an email client, since from this tool we can also “write notes, set reminders or assign tasks”.

The first thing that attracts attention when installing Twobird is its commitment to a minimalist design. By default, we will see a white background in which the mails appear on the right and the accounts, reminders or folders on the left.

However, it is also possible to activate the dark mode (the setting even appears outside the Application Settings). First of all, it must be made clear that (at least for the moment) they only offer support for Gmail / G-Suite accounts.

It should also be clarified that this application is in beta, so we are facing an initial stage and its creators promise that we will see many more features in the future.

In fact, the application is completely free, and some of those extra features that we see soon could be paid (since Ginger Labs have revealed that this is the business model they have raised).

“Twobird is free. It costs nothing. We plan to add premium features in the future, and continue to offer the current feature set for free.”

Obviously, great importance to the notes

Being an email client created by the same team that launched Notability, it is quite logical that in Twobird the notes also have prominence. In addition to sending and receiving emails, from here we can create reminders, lists of all, assign tasks, comment on them and see our progress.

We can easily add tables within the notes, columns in which we can mark the tasks as completed or share them with other users. In fact, a positive point is that it is not necessary for the other person to use Twobird to view the note.

Although, if it does, you can collaborate in real time and (through a design reminiscent of Google Docs) we can see at any moment what each user is typing:

To send a note to another person, it will be as easy as clicking on the share icon and selecting “Email Note”. We can also choose to generate a public link and send it through another application.

Having launched Twobird for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS, the positive part is that all the notes or reminders we believe will be synchronized on all our devices.

“Keep it simple”

Another striking aspect of Twobird is that they want us to avoid “distractions”(for example, hiding signatures), and for this we will see how they have chosen to condense messages and thus “focus on what really matters.”

In the tray “Low Priority” (low priority) will appear those emails that are generated automatically (for example, those that regularly sends a certain application). This also helps focus on the emails that really matter.

In addition, they affirm that the mails “can feel like something formal”, and that is why Twobird bets for the conversations to be more “light and natural”. We will have the feeling of being responding in a messaging application, being able to make mentions (“@”) to include other people in the conversation or use emojis.

They have also given prominence to two other icons: one allows us to place a reminder in an email so we can check it later and with another (pushpin form) we will never lose sight of those important emails.

In short, we are faced with an email with a good design, free and with some really interesting features. It is worth trying and, above all, be attentive to see how it evolves and what functionalities are integrated as it leaves its beta phase.