An open source typeface specifically designed for writing code

An open source typeface specifically designed for writing code

If you are a developer and spend most of your day in front of a screen writing and reviewing lines and lines of code, you probably have a favorite typeface and choosing the right one is important to you. After all, you live in a world of letters and numbers that look good is fair and necessary.

For you the Hack font has been created, a family of open source fonts with its four variations: normal, bold, italic and bold-italic.

Hack is designed to look good and be readable on screens rather than paper. With the minimum necessary contrast, width, height and opening, with some special features that give a touch of personality, such as the oval that fills the zero.

The font is multilanguage and includes more than 1500 glyphs with characters in Latin, modern Greek, and the Cyrillic alphabet. It is also open source with a very permissive license, you can modify it, use it commercially, and redistribute it.

If you are interested, you can compare it with other popular fonts when programming and can see how Hack looks in front of another variety of fonts in a text editor in different languages, font sizes, and themes for syntax highlighting.

Hack is available as an installer for Windows, .TTF, .OTF, and Web Font . For more information about its installation and available packages you can go to its website on GitHub.

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