Pokemon Masters is now available for iOS devices

Pokemon Company announces Pokemon Masters for iOS devices

Since the launch of Pokémon Go in July 2016, The franchise devised by GameFreak has continued its journey through the field of smartphones with new titles, such as Pokemon Rumble Rush or Pokemon Quest.

With millions of downloads and players worldwide, The Pokemon Company can only think about what will be the next project for mobile devices, as Pokemon Masters for iOS and Android has just officially come out.

Turn-based and real-time fighting

Developed by DeNA, in Pokémon Masters the adventure focuses on trainers and in real-time and turn-based Pokemon fighting. Like the rest of titles for smartphones and tablets, it will be a free game that will have micro-transactions to move faster.

To celebrate that Pokémon Masters is officially available in the App Store and Google Play app stores, the first event will take place on September 2 and will be about Blue and Pidgeot. Also, until October 16 there will be a reward for logging in daily.