Seven Linux distributions that will help you recover a broken system

Seven Linux distributions that will help you recover a broken system
Seven Linux distributions that will help you recover a broken system

Today it may be needed less with the most modern BIOS or EFIs, but a Linux distribution can still save many computers that have failed to boot with Windows. Simply touch up the boot sequence of BIOS / EFI and prioritize the boot from an optical disc or a USB disk.

And for that reason, a disc or a simple USB memory with one of those Linux is an almost obligatory tool for all the computer technicians who are in charge of maintaining the computer network of an office. There are some Linux distributions that you can install in an external unit in order to save the scares that computers can give us.

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461 MB of Linux distribution to install on a CD or a USB drive. It works with environments of 32 and 64 bits.

Trinity Rescue Kit

Another package of tools to repair and recover the boot of a computer, for Windows or Linux. It can be downloaded in ISO format or as an independent executable tool.

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This Linux distribution has not been specifically made to be a system recovery tool, but its ability to run from a CD and it used to be recognized as one of the most used Live CD to format or diagnose failures of hard drives. It still exists, and it is still useful.

Puppy Linux

The focus of this distribution is lightness: Puppy Linux is designed to be installed on old computers and give them a new life thanks to its speed, but it is also promoted as an installable tool in external drives to solve disk problems and ” malware that can get to Windows.”

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ALT Linux Rescue

This option does advertise itself as a Swiss Army knife for system administrators: resizing partitions, recovering deleted files by accident, formatting disks … ALT Linux Rescue can even be used to track entries from unauthorized users on Windows systems. It can be downloaded in the form of a hybrid ISO that can be installed on optical discs and USB drives.


By the name we already know more or less what he does, right? Rescatux aims to be a more visual alternative to all data rescue tools with an assistant that will guide users who are not oriented too well.


We ended up with Finnix, a more traditional option that works even on Macs with PowerPC processor. It can be a quick solution for emergencies, because its download does not take more than 160 MB depending on the architecture of our “patient” PC.

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