Shift Keyboard presents a new way to write messages on Apple Watch

Shift Keyboard presents a new way to write messages on Apple Watch

Although it has always been possible to send messages through Apple Watch, the experience is not easy for all users, mainly due to the small screen size. Well, to solve this issue the developer Adam Foot created Shift Keyboard, an application that puts a real keyboard on the smartwatch screen.

What the app does is make available to Apple Watch users a full keyboard on the screen, with all the characters that appear on their phone. In addition, the app offers two types of keyboard, complete and accurate, so that users can choose which one they want to use the first time you open the application, with the possibility of changing it later in the configuration.

The option called ‘Accurate’, for example, is the most obvious and simple option, with all the large letters, numbers and special characters. This keyboard is ideal for those who know exactly what and how they want to type. It is even possible to choose if you want the keyboard to be available in alphabetical order, QWERTY or AZERTY.

But the most interesting option of this app is the full keyboard, which shows a keyboard exactly as it looks on iOS. Since Apple Watch is so small, this keyboard works along with predictions and suggestions to improve the message being written.

Some limitations

Like everything in the world of technology, Shift Keyboard has a disadvantage and, because of the limitations of the Apple Watch SDK, this service works as a standalone application and not as a third-party keyboard. This means that for now it can only be used with the system’s native message application to send iMessage and SMS messages.

If you want to try the Shift keyboard on your Apple Watch, the application is available in the App Store. It is necessary that the Apple Watch on which you are going to install it has the version watchOS 6.0 or later.