This website allows you to create animations in a simple and free way

Animate IT - This website allows you to create animations in a simple and free way

If you are looking for a free and simple tool to create animations, you may have to take a look at ANIMATE IT, a website from which you can bring your ideas to life in a few minutes.

This platform has just come to light, and its creators claim that it is great for creating memes or videos. Best of all, you won’t need to install anything at all, since you can complete the entire process from the browser itself.

You can export in GIF or video

When we enter for the first time we will see a blank canvas and below a timeline. In the upper left are all the tools with which we can draw or create shapes, and even a button to create actions.

If we open the web from a touch device or have a graphic design tablet connected it will be much easier to be precise when drawing. Anyway, I tried it with a trackpad and it works really well.

An important point is that we can even add several layers on each slide. This makes the options almost endless when creating our animations. To add slides or layers, simply click on the “+” button that appears in the bottom bar.

We can also specify the thickness and speed of the stroke, and even copy and paste elements. If we want to save a project, it will be necessary to have an account in Blockstack: an open source technology that helps developers create decentralized and encrypted blockchain-based applications.

In project options we can indicate the SPF and the dimensions of our animation. Also from there, they allow us to change the background color. When we have finished, clicking on the export button let us choose between two formats: GIF and video.

The positive part is that it is a tool that has little time to live, so it will be a good idea to keep an eye on the near future, as they will surely be adding more options. For now, to be totally free, the truth is that it works very well.