Wunderlist alternatives to make the leap to another service on Windows, iOS and macOS

iPhone Productivity App - Wunderlist task manager alternatives

You may remember how Microsoft acquired the Wunderlist task manager some time ago, with the intention of integrating it into its own online services ecosystem. Now the latest news is that the Redmond company wants to close Wunderlist (all functions have been inherited by To-Do), and that the original creator of the application wants to buy it back to prevent it from dying.

Knowing that Wunderlist has been an application that has been installed at least for a while on many of our iPhone, it is possible that you still have it and depend on it to manage your tasks even if you have not received updates for a long time. But seeing that we may reach the end of his life, it is a good exercise to see what alternatives we have available right now.

Microsoft To-Do

We start logically with the service that has absorbed Wunderlist. To Do from Microsoft. Its design is very different from that of Wunderlist, but it is the one that has inherited its structure and functions. If you use Outlook.com email and / or want maximum integration with Office, it may be your new manager. It is completely free and also integrates with a web, Android and Windows.


Things is without a doubt the most reputable task manager in the Apple device ecosystem. Its careful interface integrates with all the possibilities of gestures offered by iOS and macOS, and follows the original structure of the David Allen GTD method. Of course, it is not exactly cheap: the application for macOS costs 54.99 euros. We must also buy separately the versions for iOS and iPadOS for 10.99 and 21.99 euros respectively.


Qualifiable as the quintessential alternative to Things, Todoist is a task manager that may not have its rival’s interface but can boast of being very complete. You can download it for free , although it has certain functions reserved for the premium plan of 36 euros per year. That also makes it a cheaper option.


An interesting alternative based on Apple’s reminders is GoodTask. The idea is that with that Reminders base a more complex task manager is vitaminized, with all the features you expect from a more complete solution. Of course, all these features are unlocked with an integrated purchase of 10.99 euros.


Sorted still has the soul of a task manager, but it focuses on an integration with our calendar to unify our agenda in one place in a way similar to what they do from Fantastical. You can download and use the application for free for two weeks but then you must unlock its functions by paying 16.99 euros.


This option enters obliquely on the list, because it is so flexible and customizable that you can base your productivity something that gave much of a task as exists in other alternatives. Notion starts from a blank canvas for you to manage tasks in a simple list, or in documents or even integrations with other services. And it’s free, available on iOS and macOS. For large attachments and large amounts of tasks you have a subscription of four dollars a month.

Reminders on iOS / iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina

Apple has made in its native application Reminders in the next version of all its operating systems. The approach may not be the same as Wunderlist, but you can use it as a task manager divided by projects and dates. Free, synchronization via iCloud, full compatibility with Apple Watch, pre-installed on all Apple devices, web access on other devices and dark theme. What else do you want?