The new icons that Windows 10 will have are filtered

The icon design revolution that began with Office seems to be coming to Windows 10.  Gradually Microsoft is unifying the design in its applications, something really necessary if they want to achieve a unitary brand image.

We have seen it with the applications that make up the Office package. OneDrive, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook … but also with others. All of them have released a new line that now continues its expansion. We will review all the new icons that have been filtered.

Microsoft updates its Camera, Groove, Movies and TV icons, Weather and new icons

Yes, as you can see we talk about a multitude of icons. We see the appearance of some of the new icons. Applications and functions such as Camera, Groove, Movies and TV, Solitaire, File Explorer, Weather … you will enjoy new shortcuts with the arrival of the 20H1 branch of Windows 10 there by spring. A new design in line with what we have been seeing with Office applications.

Windows 10 icons

The new icons have been filtered and in them you can see a much more current and stylized design. The colors are now flatter and the icons allow a cleaner design, something that for example we see what the start menu look like.

In fact, at first glance, they are very reminiscent of some icon packs that we can find in the Google Play Store for Android launchers. The colors are more vivid and blue is always center stage in much of the same.

It seems that major changes are coming for Windows 10 during the year 2020. The reality is that 5 years have passed since the presentation of this operating system and Microsoft had to update the interface. We hope this in turn helps the tablet mode to improve.

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