Rounded equines may have lost prominence in Edge within the Canary Channel

Rounded equines may have lost prominence in Edge within the Canary Channel
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A few hours ago we saw how Edge was updated in the Dev Channel (Developer) now it is the turn to talk about the update received by Edge but in the “most daring version” in the Canary Channel. An update that is only available for Windows 10 computers for now.

And among the novelties attract two aesthetic changes, not too many accused, everything must be said, but present and discovered by a Reddit user. The new version of Edge on the Canary Channel leaves the rounded corners and changes the “Private Navigation” icon.

Aesthetic changes

The new version of Edge based on Chromium within the Canary channel reaches the number 79.0.300.0 and together with the corrections of general errors and improvements aimed at optimizing the operation of Ede, two “aesthetic touch-ups” arrive.

On the one hand the rounded corners that we had been seeing in the different versions, have been eliminated, or at least they suggest in Reddit. Rounded shapes are replaced by more angular corners in the suggestion box. In my case, to compare it, I tried the previous version, and 79.0.300.0.

The reality is that in performing the test I have not perceived a change in the corners as marked as they say in Reddit.

There are also changes in the private navigation indicator. While in the previous version, in Edge it was surrounded by a frame with rounded corners, in Edge 79.0.300.0 it appears completely clear.

Apparently some users have complained to Microsoft in stating that the rounded corners did not look good in Microsoft Edge and this may be the reason for the change.

We must also remember that the American company was already testing a new friendlier design in Windows 10, following the guidelines of Sravya Vishnubhatla, Program Manager in the Microsoft Windows Fluent design team, which asked the developers that future Applications will have an interface with rounded corners.

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