The end of Wunderlist is getting closer: Microsoft To-Do is now available on all major platforms

The end of Wunderlist is getting closer: Microsoft To-Do is now available on all major platforms

Microsoft announced the purchase of Wunderlist about four years ago. At that time the purchase did not mean anything to its users; the company even promised to add new features. However, with the arrival of Microsoft To-Do, the matter changed. The service acquired began to be endangered.

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Already in the announcement of the presentation of the preliminary version of its new intelligent application for task management, Microsoft explained – in other words – that at that moment began the beginning of the end of Wunderlist.

“In the coming months, we will incorporate more popular elements of Wunderlist to the Microsoft To-Do experience, such as the sharing of lists, as well as the application for Mac, iPad and Android tablets. […] When we are sure that Microsoft To-Do offers the best of Wunderlist, we will remove this latest application . “

Wunderlist faces its last measures

With the arrival this week of Microsoft To-Do to the Mac App Store, the application achieves one of its latest objectives in the acquisition of Wunderlist faculties. It is already in Windows 10, in iOS, Android and Mac as an application, in the main platforms, without depending on a web version. And it includes, in addition, the fundamental functions that would be expected of a service of this type.

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Despite the technical obstacles found along the way, the problems that the new application suffered initially, the need to completely rewrite the old one to be able to temporarily port from Amazon Web Services to Azure, have delayed a process that did not venture excessively long.

The main challenge, for Microsoft, has been to port the functionalities and capacities of Wunderlist to Microsoft To-Do. Those who tried the new service during its first months found it inconceivable that it could replace its old application. I simply had nothing to do against her.

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Now, years later, the situation is different and the new service of the Redmond meets quite well with what could be required and, in addition, adds intelligent functions, connection to your mail service and other tools in your ecosystem. Although it may be a-short-way to go.

How to go from Wunderlist to Microsoft To-Do

Users who dare to try Microsoft To-Do coming from Wunderlist can import their lists and tasks easily. Just start the application, click on our photo and name in the upper left part of the screen, access Settings and Import from Wunderlist start the process by providing our credentials.

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It will take a few minutes, but the import will take place in the background, so that we can continue using the service normally. When the process is finished, a notification will inform us of it.

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