Intuit and Google Introduces G Suite Getting Close To QuickBooks


Hot on the heels of the company’s rebrand from “Google Apps for Work” a few weeks back, G Suite subscribers will now be able to schedule work and meetings through Google Calendar, with these appointments automatically appearing in QuickBooks. This means that businesses will be able to more easily invoice for their time, and it saves users from having to manually enter each appointment within QuickBooks.

Google and Intuit have announced a collaboration today that will see deeper tie-ups between their respective software offerings for small businesses.

Founded out of Palo Alto, California in 1983, Intuit is among the most recognizable brands in the finance software sphere, developing tools that allow freelancers and small businesses to manage and prepare their finances and taxes. One of those tools is accountancy software QuickBooks, a flagship product with millions of users around the world. As with many software products that have moved to evolve with the times, QuickBooks also has a cloud-based incarnation, and this will be the focus of two key integrations with Google’s online business-focused software, G Suite.