Sony allows you to change the Playstation ID

Sony allows you to change the Playstation ID
Sony allows you to change the Playstation ID

After a long lead, Sony will be offering Playstation Network (PSN) members the opportunity to change their Playstation ID as of April 11, 2019. This option is high on the wish list of the community – for example, of players who have been teased by their pals for years. You can finally rename yourself to SlayerOfDestiny or another available ID.

It is possible to change the Playstation ID via the Playstation 4 options menu or via web browser, but not via the PS3 or even older consoles. The first name change is free, then just under Euro 10 are due – Plus members come with just under Euro 5 a little cheaper. The old name will not be shared, instead users can reactivate it on request for free.

According to Sony, there should normally be no problems with games released after April 1, 2018. From this date, the games were developed with tools “that support the change of the online ID at the system level,” Sony writes in a FAQ list.

The company has released a list of all games that have minor issues after the name change. These include GTA 5, Bloodborne, The Last of Us 2 Remastered and Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag. According to Sony, these titles could cause the old Playstation ID to continue to be displayed or the options to be reset once to their default settings.

There is also a short list of games where serious problems are known. For example, in Everybody’s Golf, Onrush, or Little Big Planet 3, in-game money, stalls, or player-generated content could be permanently lost.