Opera founder Vivaldi has integrated with Razer Chroma

Opera founder Vivaldi has integrated with Razer Chroma

Vivaldi, a web browser developed by Jon Von Tetzchner , co-founder of Opera, added a new feature to his browser with his collaboration with Razer. Internet browser Vivaldi, which was released in 2016, is now struggling with rivals such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera, which are considered to be very powerful and monopolized.

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Vivaldi’s gaming hardware manufacturer Razer feature that adds to working with Razer lighting system of the keyboard Chroma is taking matters. When you use the Vivaldi browser, the dominant colors of the website you visit will be reflected in the Razer hardware you use automatically. Especially with the addition of the Vivaldi, the owners of the Razer Chroma-powered keyboard, mouse or other accessories can benefit from this visual feast.

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Razer hardware owners who use a Vivaldi scanner, for example, red on YouTube, encounter blue when they enter Facebook. In this sense, the software is placed within the Vivaldi browser, the browser automatically visited the colors of the website you visit as the color through the Razer Chroma offers. So even when you’re walking through the tabs, your keyboard can enter color.

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With this move, the Vivaldi scanner will have attracted Razer users to it. After this development, many Razer Chroma product owners are likely to prefer Vivaldi as their web browser. To use this feature, it is enough to make a small adjustment via the Vivaldi scanner.

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