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Woman googles “How To Commit Murder”: found guilty

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Kamal Saini
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An Australian woman’s search history on her smartphone leads to a murder conviction. She is said to have first drugged her partner and then gassed him in his bed. 

Previously, the woman had googled, among other things, “How To Commit Murder?”

46-year-old Natasha Beth Darcy was found guilty of murdering her partner, the sheep farmer, Matthew Dunbar. This was decided by an eleven-member jury on Tuesday in the Australian state of New South Wales. The incident occurred in August 2017.

The woman first gave the victim a sedative cocktail blended in a Nutribullet in a bid to inherit his $3.5 million farm. 

After that, she gassed her partner using a plastic bag and a canister of helium. Darcy must have wanted to make it look like a suicide.

Darcy highlighted to Mr Dunbar’s finances, history of depression and suicidal ideation, “unclear sexual orientation” and a severe calf infection he suffered weeks before his death as reasons he might have killed himself.

But her search history told a different story, the jury heard during the 10-week trial in the NSW Supreme Court.

The crown said Darcy conducted extensive online research and even embarked on two “dry runs” before finally killing Mr Dunbar, staging his death to make it look like a suicide.

Searches about poisonous mushrooms and spiders were first recorded on her phone in February 2017.

In the ensuing months, dozens more searches related to murder, death and suicide were made.

Among them were “lethal dose of oxycodone 200 pound male”, “acepromazine murder”, “can police see websites you visit on your mobile” and, from the sideline of a rugby game, “how to commit murder”.

At the same time, prosecutor Brett Hatfield said, Darcy was making real-world preparations to kill Mr Dunbar.

According to a report by the “Pedestrian” Darcy has also searched for poisonous snakes and spiders and found out how many tablets are necessary for suicide. She also asked the Internet if the police could see websites visited on cell phones.

Darcy herself pleaded not guilty anyway. She insisted that it was a suicide. However, there is no evidence to support this statement.

Darcy probably wanted to get the victim’s fortune

The motive for the murder seems to have been greed for money. The victim’s 500-acre farm is said to be worth around $ 3.5 million. 

Darcy had probably bet on being able to take over the farm of her partner after his death.

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