Bomb attack in Kashmir: 10 people injured including police and a journalist

Bomb attack in Kashmir: 10 people injured including police and a journalist

10 people were injured in a bomb attack near a government building in Jammu, Kashmir, India. Jammu Kashmir Police Director Dilbagh Singh said the attack was carried out using hand grenades near a government building in Anantnag, south of the region. Singh stating that 10 people, including a police and a journalist, were slightly injured, said the perpetrators of the attack were being investigated.

No one has claimed the attack yet.

Removal of the special status of Jammu Kashmir

India canceled the 370th article of the constitution, which granted privilege to Jammu Kashmir for more than half a century, on 5 August, eliminating the special status structure of the region and separating Jammu Kashmir into two unity territories.

Following this decision of the New Delhi administration, Indian security forces in the region intensified public order operations and pressures on the civilian population in Jammu Kashmir, cut the lines of communication, and the leaders and members of local parties in the region, including former prime ministers Faruk Abdullah, Omar Abdullah and Mehbuba Mufti. had been detained.

Since 1947, when independence from Britain was gained, Jammu Kashmir was in a privileged position to enact its own laws. This special status included the citizenship law, which did not allow foreigners to settle and acquire property in the region.

Critics of the Indian government led by the nationalists argue that the cancellation of Article 370 aimed at destroying the demographic structure of the Muslim majority region.