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In Florida, a police officer saved a child from a shark attack

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While walking with his wife on a Florida beach in their free time, a police officer saw a shark begin to approach a child in the water.

In Florida, a police officer rescued a child from a possible shark attack. The video was posted on Facebook by the local police.

Police officer Adrian Kosicki was walking with his wife on the beach in his spare time when he noticed a shark. He quickly ran into the water and pulled the boy out of the water when the shark began to approach the child.

“We’re certainly not marine biologists, educated and trained to differentiate between the various species of sharks, their respective feeding habits, and aggressiveness near swimmers. We just do what we do best—protect the public from harm.” says the caption to the video.


Earlier it was reported that in the Bass Strait near the Australian city of Stanley in the state of Tasmania, a shark attacked a six-meter vessel, in which there were three men and a 10-year-old boy. The child fell overboard.

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