After Europe, the US Department of Justice is thinking of “hunting” Google


The US Department of Justice is preparing to launch an investigation against Google for violating monopoly laws and unfair practices for the expansion of the giant’s technological activities, which has already paid fines to the EU for its practices.

Experts from the Department of Monopoly and Federal Trade of the US Department of State had meetings last week to complete the file that would allow the Ministry of Justice to order the investigation, reports sources close to the case.

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Potential research into Google is the latest assault on behalf of US President Donald Trump against the technology giant, who blames that with other social media tools they are trying to silence conservative views from their online platforms.

One of the sources reported that the survey, which the Wall Street Journal was hinting at, will focus on accusations that Google in its search engine prioritises its own businesses (YouTube, Google Maps, etc.).

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A Justice Department spokesman did not want to confirm or deny the information, and Google did not want to make any comments.

The news of a possible investigation against Google’s practices has welcomed many technology companies who feel they are being hit by its expansionist tactics. Team co-founder Steven Kaufer stressed that his company “remains unhappy about Google’s practices in the US, the EU and around the world. For the benefit of consumers and competition on the Internet, we welcome every new interest shown by US regulators for the anti-competitive behavior shown by Google. ”

On March 20th, the EU imposed a fine for the third time in two years on Google for unfair monopoly practices within the Union.

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