Instagram SEO: How To Make Your Account Attractive To Google And Co.

Instagram SEO: How To Make Your Account Attractive To Google And Co.

Instagram is still attracting new users and has long been interesting for advertisers. However, to gain new fans and followers for themselves and their brand, marketers need to constantly optimize their profile on Instagram.

Because the Facebook subsidiary prevents the images of users from being indexed by Google and other search engines. Only the profile of the users appears in the search results.

To put it clearly: Instagram SEO is not a rocket science. But some essential steps are necessary to optimize your own profile. You can also implement these quickly.

Accommodate keywords in the name and in the bio

What is obvious for the field of search engine optimization is not immediately obvious to many users. Relevant keywords and keywords that are critical to you and your business can not be missed in the “written” portion of your account.

Also in your username and your Instagram handle (name with @ sign) you should try to fit a keyword. For a private profile, it’s probably irrelevant.

But for soloists or entrepreneurs, this factor is groundbreaking. This applies, for example, to photographers, fashion consultants or food bloggers. Instagram combines your content with individual categories such as food, fashion or humor.

If you have been active on Instagram for a long time, you can easily optimize your handle at any time. However, you should weigh whether your community will find you under your new name.

In addition, your profile has a 150-character chance to include the keywords that are relevant to you. Here, however, the premise is to operate no keyword stuffing and quite aesthetically accommodate your buzz words.

Also hashtags can occur here in a reduced way. Since the Instagram bio is the only place that is played in HTML, here is a mix of attractive text content and meaningful hashtags promising.

Optimize picture texts for Instagram SEO

Google and Co. interpret the text under your pictures (caption) as the meta description of a common website. Therefore, make sure that the relevant statements and keywords are at the beginning of the text below your picture.

Hashtags, which are at the beginning of the text, are not very aesthetic. Therefore, you should include it at the end of your caption or text.

Set up social profile schema on Google

Also not to be underestimated: With the markup you can create and display your social media profiles for Google.

For brands that appear in the Knowledge Graph, this is a non-negligible offer. This allows you to drape your own social media profiles quite well below the results.

Conclusion: Instagram is not an SEO-friendly network

As you can see, while there are not many set screws that you can and need to tweak to optimize your Instagram channel for Instagram SEO.

Nevertheless, the above steps are a good basis to gain additional reach and attention through search engines.

But despite all the keywords and hashtags, you should keep an eye on essentials: your content should be relevant to your fans and useful, personal and entertaining.

For what use is an increased range, which brings you and your company handsome numbers but little return?