Picsum: Open source tool generates Lorem Ipsum for images

Picsum: Open source tool generates Lorem Ipsum for images
Picsum: Open source tool generates Lorem Ipsum for images

If you are a web developers and looking for placeholder images for their sample websites, you will be able to use Picsum, which is also available on Github. This tool generates URLs of random images. Users can also specify size, filter and file type.

Developers David Marby and Nijiko Yonskai have developed software that provides placeholder images for web designers and programmers. The name Picsum is a reference to the pseudo- Latintext “Lorem Ipsum” , which serves as a popular placeholder for text fields. The project is available on the developer portal Github open source.

Users can retrieve free images from the database via an appropriate URL. Parameters such as height, width, grayscale and blur filters are appended directly to the URL. Users also have the option of calling up specific images by ID. Since motifs can be reached via unique addresses, they can be incorporated, for example, into sample websites using image tags. If a specific file format is required, users can attach the corresponding extension to the URL – for example, .jpg.

Lists of several pictures possible

On their website, the developers give more tips: Thus, a web site that retrieves multiple images of the same size should be provided with a random parameter to prevent caching the same image. In addition, the API can also generate a list, which by default consists of 30 different images. This is useful, for example, for testing galleries.

Picsum was developed in Go and is hosted on the Kubernetes platform by the manufacturer Digitalocean. He also uses Redis, PostreSQL and DigitalOcean Spaces. So users should install the appropriate Go SDK to use the service. In addition, the git repository should be cloned.