Google eliminates the integration between Drive and Google Photos

Google eliminates the integration between Drive and Google Photos
Google eliminates the integration between Drive and Google Photos

Google has decided to make changes in the way its products work, specifically Drive and Google Photos. Until now both services were integrated and the photos and videos that we stored in one service appeared in the other.

In the same way, if for example, we delete a photo from Google Photos, it is also deleted from Google Drive. No more. Apparently many users found this confusing and Google has decided to divorce the two applications to “simplify the experience”.

Changes include automatic synchronization mainly, that is, new photos and videos from your Drive will no longer appear in Drive, and new photos and videos in Google Photos will not be added to the Photos folder in Drive.

New feature for Google Photos webapp

Another important novelty that will be adding to Google Photos on the web is the call “Upload from Drive”, which will allow us to manually select the photos and videos from Drive that we want to see in Google Photos, including elements of the “Shared with me” folder.

These elements, once you have uploaded them, will not be connected, that is, you will have two copies, and deleting them in one service will not erase them from the other to prevent accidents. It is important to remember that since both services no longer share space, what you copy in original quality will count both for your Photos space and for your Drive space.

Everything that you already have stored in both services will remain there, if you had a folder of Photos in Drive, it will remain the same, only that they will not be updated automatically.

These changes will arrive for all users, including G Suite customers, as of July 10, 2019 when each service will operate completely independent of the other.

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