Tesla Pickup: this is all we know about Elon Musk’s next electric car

Tesla Pickup: this is all we know about Elon Musk's next electric car
Tesla Pickup: this is all we know about Elon Musk's next electric car

Elon Musk has been acting like Elon Musk as he gradually released details of this new Tesla pickup a small truck focused on loading tasks in a particular way, with which Elon Musk seeks to attack a highly competitive segment in the United States and that today is worth billions of dollars. In theory, this truck will be announced during the summer and will begin production when the deliveries of Model Y begin.

Today we will review everything that is known, and that Musk has confirmed, the next Tesla pickup.

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Better than the Ford F-150 and faster than a Porsche 911

Last Sunday, during the podcast focused on Tesla ‘Ride the Lightning’, Elon Musk was as guest and took the opportunity to offer new details of his next Tesla pickup, which has not yet an official name.

The goal of this new car, according to Musk, will be to match and exceed the functionality of the Ford F-150, the line of pickups that was first introduced in 1948 and is now in its 13th generation, plus it is the most sold in the United States for decades.

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Musk announced that the Tesla pickup will have “incredible functionality from the point of view of cargo transport”. In addition, and as is currently the case with all Tesla cars, he will have a special focus on speed and acceleration, so Musk said that they also seek “to be better than a sports car like the Porsche 911”.

$ 49,000, its maximum initial price

“It has to be affordable,” Musk said on the podcast when asked what the price of this electric pickup would be, adding that he does not want it to be really expensive, so he said his price should be less than $ 50,000, He even dared to predict that the ideal starting price should be at most $ 49,000.

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Of course there would be more expensive versions, with better features and autonomy, but the entry version will be “$ 49,000 or less,” Musk said in ‘Ride the Lightning’. As a comparison, the entry version of the F-150 starts at $ 30,000.

It will be a pickup with ‘Blade Runner’ design that will not be for everyone

One of the most controversial points, according to Musk, will be the design, since he stressed that “it will not look like a normal truck”, he even dared to mention that people will say “that’s not a pickup” when he sees it, which will make “Many people do not want to compare it.

“Its design is going to be like science fiction, that means it’s not going to be for everyone, if someone wants a truck like the trucks that have left the last 20, 30 or 40 years, this probably is not for them.”

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In March of this year, after the announcement of Model Y, Elon Musk published a teaser image of the next Tesla pickup, which raised all kinds of theories. During the podcast, Musk clarified that the image showed the front of the cabin and not the back, as some thought.

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