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Advertisement on Huawei smartphone lock screens from Booking.com

Some Huawei smartphone users get Advertisements from Booking.com on their lock screen. Reason is not the pre-installed app of the travel provider, but Huawei's magazine setting, which displays automatically changing images on the lock screen.

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Kamal Saini
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Chinese smartphone maker Huawei may recently be showing users unwanted ads on the lock screen. As many users in the forum of Android-Hilfe.de report, they have suddenly appeared advertising overlays of the travel agency Booking.com.

The advertising consists of a landscape image with a clearly visible Booking.com logo and a link to the location shown. None of the affected users have agreed to the advertising, which leads to annoyance for many.

At first, many suspected that the ad was related to Huawei’s smartphone pre-installed App by Booking.com and uninstalled it. The ads were still visible, even if the application was no longer on the device.

Magazine function is to blame

The reason is that it is integrated directly into the magazine feature of Huawei smartphones. The magazine displays automatically changing images on the lock screen; Users can specify in the settings of their device which categories should be displayed.

Unquestionably Huawei has deposited here the pictures with the Booking.com logo. According to users, in the settings of the magazine they can not simply state that they do not want to advertise; instead, the advertising images must be deleted.

Alternatively, the magazine can simply be switched off completely and a static background image can be selected. Like other manufacturers, Huawei also offers a number of motifs, but of course users can also take their own picture.

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