Automattic The Parent Company of Introduces Happy Tools – The Future of Work

    Automattic The Parent Company of Introduces Happy Tools - The Future of Work
    Automattic The Parent Company of Introduces Happy Tools - The Future of Work

    Automattic, the parent company of, WooCommerce, and Jetpack, is adding a new product focuses on the future of work — Happy Tools. Currently, Automattic employes more than 850 employees working from 68 nations and has built a bunch of products over the years like, WooCommerce, and jetpack.

    With Happy Tools, Automattic launches its first product Happy Schedule – a time management app to help manage employees’ schedules and tackle support queries from across the organization.

    “Ideas about releasing our internal tools have been kicking around Automattic for years, but it’s been about finding the right moment and the right product to lead with,” Automattic product lead for Happy Tools Matt Wondra told TechCrunch. “When we started building Happy Schedule a year ago we realized that designing a tool for our own scheduling needs also filled a clear gap in the [workforce management] landscape.”

    “No other product out there gave us the flexibility and visibility we needed to comfortably schedule a globally distributed team. Since it was a greenfield internal project, we could engineer it from the ground up with public release in mind. And it just made sense to launch Happy Tools first into an industry we know so well — customer support.”

    Happy Schedule is designed to handle the complexities that come up when business goals are planned around real-world schedules, it helps you treat your employees like humans instead of resources.

    Later this year, Automattic will begin adding other products to the mix, including a “customer chat tool” that will feature integrations with Happy Schedule.

    “Beyond that we’ll look at other applications Automattic has already built to help with team communication, people-management, and customer support,” Happy Tools’ product lead Matt Wondra told VentureBeat.

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