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Doctor injects more than 800 people with tap “water” packed in vials

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Kamal Saini
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Uganda is looking for a so-called doctor who vaccinated people against coronavirus … with tap water.

According to Uganda’s Daily Monitor, a doctor in the Covid vaccines scam injected victims with “water” packed in vials and walked away with millions of shillings from more than  800 individuals and at least 11 unsuspecting companies. Some of them later contracted coronavirus.

It is reported that the quack doctor packed water in vials allegedly with a Covid-19 vaccine. However, people are worried that they could have been vaccinated not with water, but with something dangerous, so specialists from the health monitoring department of the State Chamber of Uganda have already collected the samples and working with them. 

Now they are waiting for the results from the laboratory of the National Medicines Administration and urging people not to panic: they say, the unfortunate doctor wanted to make money, and not harm people.

“The thief could have used either tap water, rain water or Rwenzori water to inject people but we suspect he could have preferred tap water because it’s the cheapest,” said Dr Warren Naamara, a director at State House Health Monitoring Unit.

“People shouldn’t get worried of the fake vaccine, instead they should be firm as they wait for the results from National Drug Authority lab.” 

He added: “This conman carried out the vaccination while looking for money but not to harm anyone, so there is a possibility that he could have injected all those people with water packed in a similar Covid-19 bottle.” 

The director disclosed the names of affected companies and declined to reveal names of the victims as investigations are still ongoing.  

Two nurses with the alleged fake Covid-19 vaccines who helped cheat patients have already been detained.

The Resident City Commissioner (RCC) invited State House and other intelligence agencies to investigate the matter.

State House investigations have since identified a man calling himself Dr Francis Baguma as the architect of the fake vaccines scam. 

Dr Baguma is currently on the run and security agencies are looking for him all over the country to face a litany of charges relating to illegal possession of government stores.

List of firms

1-Diamond Trust Bank
2-Dott Service Limited 
3-Seven Hills 
4-United Bank of Africa
5-Tororo Cement 
6-Uganda Bati
8-EAP Insurance company
9-Dot Max Packaging
10-Reham Cola
11-Smile Company 

Photo by Luke Dray/Getty Images

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